Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christmas Outreach Ideas

Living Nativity – Recruit your folks and some live animals and set up a living navtivity.

The Nativity Story Movie Night - Show The Nativity Story (I own it and recommend it.)

Candy Cane Day – Host a candy cane party for community children. Complete with games, crafts and snacks…plus, the presentation of the Gospel…Check out my Candy Cane Craze Blog for ideas!

Angel Breakfast – Host a breakfast or lunch for young children and their parents. Have an “angel” choir, crafts and stories.

KID'S CHRISTMAS PROJECT DAY! Host a day where kids can come make Christmas gifts for their families.

Singing Up a Storm! Are you having a Christmas musical? Have the members of your choir and/or children's choir walk local neighborhoods caroling and distributing invitations to the event! Or, arrange for your choir or worship team to sing at a local mall or shopping center.

Wrap it up! Set up a free Christmas gift-wrapping station outside a department store. Or give out free things of scotch tape.

Caroling and Candy Canes
Organize a caroling group and go "house to house" in neighborhoods. Take candy canes or a small gift to give as well. For another spin — go with low income areas, especially inner city urban, take hot chocolate and cookies and serve the residents.

Poinsettias — take small poinsettia plants as "house to house" gifts.

Tree Giveaway
A few days before Christmas, lot owners are willing to give the trees away. With pickup trucks, deliver them to financially stretched single parent families.

Candy Giveaway
Give out Christmas candy in front of stores or on busy downtown walkways. Be sure to include a card with your church info on it.

Christmas Tea - Host a Christmas tea. Have area merchants donate gifts. Make gingerbread houses.

We worked with this organization one year to provide Christmas for special kids.

Here are few articles worth reading on Christmas outreach.


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