Sunday, November 21, 2010

I've Been Gone For Far Too Long!

Imagine my surprise one day when I came across my own blog in a Google search for an activity for Children's Church. I will (with great shame) admit that this particular blog has been sadly neglected. I really don't have a good excuse (maybe a few, but nothing life changing). I have a personal blog "There Will Be A $5.00 Charge For Whining" (which you can find the link to on the sidebar) that I am fairly faithful with and this little blog has sat neglected. So you can also imagine how surprised I was to see that I had several followers and many of you had commented.  I know how much these kinds of ideas mean to the church planner (of any occasion) and promise to do better to update as I can. I have changed the look a bit and have tried to organize some of posts better. I know I need to go through and test some of the links I have given you...just to be sure they work. Thanks for reading!