Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snowy Mason Jars with Epsom Salt

I just found the cutest idea. A few years ago I posted A Snowy Evening. It just gives ideas about decorating your sanctuary and fellowship hall based on Robert Frost's poem "Walking Through the Woods on A Snowy Evening."

Anyhoo. Today I came across this idea of using Epsom salt in Mason jars to create snowy candle holder. How cute is that! And how easy! We are having our church Christmas party Sunday evening and I have been fretting over my lack of creative energy. Yay! I have a bag of epsom salts and a box full of empty mason jars.

Just thought I'd share :<)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Outreach Party Coming Up!

So I'm planning an outreach party for kids to take place in a few weeks at church. I want to show the newest Veggie Tales Christmas movie on the big screen, crank up our commerical popcorn machine and inflate the bounce house. I also am going to incorporate some of the ideas I posted in my Candy Cane Craze blog, with a few additons with some cute stuff I found on Pinterest. Is anybody else having a Christmas Party for the kids at your church? And what good ideas can you give me. We want to use this as an outreach event as well.