Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bagging It Up

No one should ever leave an activity you have empty handed..I think I have said that before. However, it is equally important that whatever they take with them be as well done and creative as possible. Here are a few ideas and links that will help you make take home goodies extra special.

The Goodie Bag
You can use plain or decorated brown paper or cellophane bags. Just be sure you've added a special touch. Make stickers with your information or a cute saying or poem on your computer to add to your brown (or white) paper bag. You can use stamps or hot glue bits of fabric or buttons. I made Christmas trees one year using leftover scrapbook paper on my bags. I hot glued buttons as ornaments. I then used my scrapbooking scissors to give the top a decorative edge. I folded down the ends and punch two holes at the top. I then ran decorative ribbon through as a tie. You can also use raffia. When using a cellophane bag use a bag topper. You can make your own using a template with all of your church info on it or print a premade one.

Favor Boxes or bags
Use the links to print your own or find expensive paper mache boxes at a craft store to decorate. (the site above has several of these)

Drawstring Mesh Bags. You can get several inexpensively. Add some chocolate and a little bit of tinsel inside and attach a poem or scripture.

Bagging a Book
A book is always a nice gift to give away. To make it extra special use cellophane and wrap it up. I like to take a cellophane party favor bag and leave the top open. I gather up the top and use raffia or a ribbon to close it up. I then can add a tag and extra goodies (jingle bells, curly ribbon, dried flowers...depending on the book). How cute would it be to give away a Father's Day devotional that has a fishing theme and tie it up with raffia and a pretty fishing hook? very extensive collection of printable boxes and bags...they have a very nice Christmas collection. - hodgepodge of cute printables - a nice site - one of my will find much more than just bag toppers. - one of the best sites around for church event planning. She has several printables...these particular page is scripture cards to add to favors. - the ultimate purchasing site for event planning. They have a large variety of boxes, bags, totes, pails, etc...for your gift giving needs.

With any of these ideas you can include your church information and a poem or scripture. I have a few ideas you can use for any occasion in my "Christmas Treasures for Church Members" blog.

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