Monday, December 13, 2010

Here We Come A-Wassailing

I suppose this is a day late and a dollar short for those of you who have already had your church Christmas programs. Our church had it's Christmas Cantata this past weekend. Besides the beautiful music and message, there was such a beautiful atmosphere. And it was made even more sweeter by the youth group serving Wassail and Hot Chocolate in the foyer before the service began. There wasn't a wasn't a fundraiser. Just bright and eager teens serving church members and visitors alike.  It was a special touch for a special morning. 

Just a bit of advice. Our group had cups with lids, which I found to be very practical. I believe they served Hot Chocolate made with mix and Hot Apple Cider instead of Wassail. Wassail is a bit more involved, but has wonderful results.

Here is a recipe for Wassail.  It is probably more practical with a larger congregation or group to serve Hot Cider. But it sure is extra special!  This would be great to serve at a Christmas Caroling party or small group.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I am just now starting a blog. I haven't published anything yet, but named it Creative Church Event Ideas. So I googled the name and came up with your blog! I don't really yet know what I am doing, but have a desire to share some of the events I have done and our church and some of the links I use. I just thought it was funny that we would chose almost the same name!!

Anora said...


Your site is good about the Christmas ideas.. All ideas and arrangements are looking very good. Nice to see all..

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